Poltergeist are non-living, non-dead entities. They never lived, and aren't dead, thus their are known as Amortal. Their like ghosts, their visible, but they can move objects. Their known as "Spirits of Chaos." &nbsp


  • Poltergeist, are mischevious, and cruel. They often play pranks on other residents of Hogwarts. Argrus Filch was often a victim of the Resident Poltergeist's pranks.
  • Poltergeist can fly also.
  • Poltergeist would haunt a specific area, at a certain time. Their much like pests. They don't leave once you they decide to stay.
  • The Minister of Magic tried to inact a ban on the Poltergeist from being in a specific area for to long, however this is unknown if it actually worked or not. Most likely it didn't since their was no way a human, could remove a Poltergeist.

Known PoltergeistsEdit


  • Their was a scence for Peeves, (The Poltergeist in Hogwarts) it was cut out. He was played by, Rik Mayall.