The Engorgement Charm causes the opponent to increase in size.

Known UsesEdit

  • Silvanus Kettleburn: used an engorging charm on an Ashwinder which caused it to explode later, causing a large amount of flame. Professor Kettleburn received probation.
  • Fred and George Weasley: used this spell on their Ton-Tounge-Toffees. In the summer of 1994, they "accidentally" dropped some in front of Harry's cousin Dudley, in order to test their new product. Dudley's tongue swelled to an incredible size.
  • Harry Potter: once used the Engorgement Charm on a spider while he, Ron, and Hermione were camping in the Forest of Deanin search for Horocruxes in 1997. Since he had not won the Blackthorn's allegiance, the spell was not powerful enough, and it took two tries for the spider to swell up moderately.


  • Causes a clear area around the object and spins real fast and then the object is bigger.


  • In-Gore-Gee-Oh.